Buddy is a product for creating code pipelines. When you connect Buddy to your code repository you can create a variety of different types of pipelines that run whenever you push new changes. You can build websites, deploy applications, or almost anything else you can imagine, including running Ghost Inspector tests.

Table of Contents

  • Pipelines
  • Actions
  • Ghost Inspector action
  • Node.js action


The first thing to do is figure out exactly how you want your pipeline to work. Ghost Inspector tests need to run against your application. Do you want to run your application inside of Buddy and then point your Ghost Inspector tests at the local application? Do you want to deploy your app to a staging server and point your Ghost Inspector tests there? If the tests pass, do you then want to deploy your app to production? And then after you deploy to production, do you want to run your Ghost Inspector tests again but against production to make doubly-sure everything works.


Once you’ve got your pipeline figured out you build it with actions. Buddy has hundreds of actions, some of which are very specific, like running a linter, and some of which are more generic, like opening a shell where you can run whatever you want.

List of all pipeline actions

Ghost Inspector action

The easiest way to run Ghost Inspector tests from Buddy is with the specific Ghost Inspector action.

The action list filtered to Ghost Inspector

You’ll need to manually retrieve your Ghost Inspector API key and provide it to the action. Then you can configure what suites or tests you want to run.

Ghost Inspector action setup

If necessary you can easily customize options for the suite or test run.

Ghost Inspector action options

Node.js action

If you need to do something other than execute a suite or test or need to provide options that the Ghost Inspector action doesn’t support, then you’ll want to use the generic Node.js action with our CLI. Or if you’re already familiar with our CLI, you might find it easier to just skip straight to the Node.js action.

The action list filtered to Node.js

Running a test with the CLI looks something like this. Just like the Ghost Inspector action you’ll need to manually provide your API key.

Node.js action setup