Quick Start

Ghost Inspector is an automated website testing and monitoring service that checks for problems with your website or application. It carries out operations in a browser, the same way a user would, to ensure that everything is working properly.

You can see Ghost Inspector in action during our quick demo video below.

How it works

1. Sign up

To get started, first sign up for a free trial account.

2. Test recorder

To create tests, you can install our test recorder in your browser:

Chrome Extension
Firefox Extension

After installing the extension, a Ghost Inspector icon will appear in your toolbar. Clicking this icon will present you with the Ghost Inspector recording tool. You will need to log into your Ghost Inspector account the first time you access the tool. You will then be presented with a button to start recording.

The extension works by recording the actions you perform in the browser, such as clicking and filling in forms, so that those actions can be formed into a test and the same sequence can be re-run from the Ghost Inspector service. Once you click Start Recording the extension will begin recording your actions. The recording is completely transparent, but Ghost Inspector's toolbar icon will turn green when recording is underway.

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3. Test editor

Or use our hosted test editor. Tests are run from our cloud service.

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4. Setup schedule

Ghost Inspector offers you the ability to continually run your test on a schedule using a specific intervals, or (for paid plans) an advanced schedule. Scheduling can be used for individual tests or full suites. To use this feature, go to Settings → Schedule in your test or suite. You'll see a number of intervals that can be selected for running your test or suite in a recurring manner.

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5. Notifications

Ghost Inspector provides a number of built-in options and third party integrations for notifying you about test results. Notifications can be controlled on the test, suite, and organization levels giving you both broad and fine-grained control over your settings.

You can also receive notifications through our various integrations:

Slack logo
Pagerduty logo

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