Plans & Subscriptions

Ghost Inspector offers various pricing plans, which can be found on the Pricing & Plans page. Plans are differentiated by their allotment of test runs per month and organization members.

A test run is defined as a single execution of a test. This applies regardless of whether the test was triggered via the application, API or on a schedule. A single test run cannot exceed 10 minutes in length.

An organization is an entity that houses your tests so that they can be centralized and accessed by multiple user accounts. Organizations typically correspond to business entities with employees becoming members, but can be used however you see fit. You will have the option to transfer your suites between organizations.

Plans can be upgraded at any time within our application. If you are interested in a custom plan, please contact us. You can also cancel your paid plan from within your Ghost Inspector account. Your test and suite data will be left in tact. However, your previous test run results will be removed upon cancellation. You will continue to have the option to view and export your tests, but will be unable to execute them. You can reactivate your account at any time.